SQUEAKY REEL PRODUCTIONS, LLC is a Woman-owned, Veteran-owned enterprise. We leverage our unique skillsets, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness to provide authenticity, accuracy, and savings to the production while raising production value and minimizing risk.  

We are a DC-based, local network of freelance crew and vendors that serve the film and video production industry specifically through our network of creative, collaborative Veteran and military family talent. We serve as a platform to showcase our talents for hiring consideration, and original work, to include: screenplays, episodic series for collaborative consideration.


Our founder, Frances A. Cheever, a retired Army Nurse Corps Officer,

launched SRP to get our talents noticed and our

"Boot in the door".  

TB&C Marketing and Advertising gave Frances the opportunity to provide accuracy and authenticity to the Veteran initiative of the UMUC 2018 upcoming campaign by representing all branches of the military with real Veterans, to include wardrobe and herself. This project gave hiring opportunities to ELEVEN Veterans.  

UMUC for Military Servicemembers, Veterans, and Families. UMUC is a top-ranked military- and veteran-trusted school.

This is how we do it! 

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