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SQUEAKY REEL PRODUCTIONS, LLC is a Woman-owned, Veteran-owned enterprise. Through our network of creative, collaborative Veteran and military family talent, we leverage our unique skillsets, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness to provide authenticity and savings to the production while raising production value and minimizing risk.  ​

Frances launched SRP to get our talents and original screenplay​s noticed, and our

"Boot in the door." 

Meet The Team

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Frances A. Cheever

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Founder & CEO


Jason L. Cheever

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Content Creator

Jason is a visual artist-

My VA Experience

Top five finalists. 
Produced by Jason L. Cheever
Squeaky Reel Productions, LLC
The GI Film Festival and Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) co-hosted a film contest in which eligible participants create a 3-5 min video highlighting the experience of veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), specifically VA healthcare and/or the disability claims process.

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