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Netflix series HOUSE OF CARDS

House of Cards. Season 4. Knight Takes King Productions. NetflixHouse of Cards. Season 4. Knight Takes King Productions. NetflixSep 2015 - Dec 2015 · 4 mosSep 2015 - Dec 2015 · 4 mos


    • Frances was given a unique opportunity to intern in every department essential to the production of House of Cards. Working with the primary production department heads and their entire team, she learned the valuable details of their unique skill sets and the workings of the entertainment industry. With so many moving pieces, understanding the organization was challenging at first, until she stepped back and looked at the production as a military operation. She built an organizational chart that clearly outlines the production structure and its chain of command, in order to visualize the enormous amount of unique talent needed to make House of Cards an EMMY award-winning NETFLIX series.

      Frances was the military liaison for extras casting, placing 50+ active military and veterans on set. She advocates for the Art of Healing by facilitating hiring opportunities for veterans and wounded warriors in the entertainment business, in both performance and off-camera roles.

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